Why buy a pick-up truck?!

  • Why buy a pick-up truck?!

Pick-up trucks are experiencing something of a popularity boom at the moment in the UK.  Manufacturers are benefiting from advanced passenger car technology allowing them to offer a pick-up truck driving experience more like a car, with double cabs serving as a workhorse during the week and a car for the family at the weekends.  Additionally, the pick-up truck's commercial vehicle classification could provide tax advantages for company car drivers who would prefer to run a stylish double-cab pick-up instead of a traditional family car or SUV.  (source AutoExpress)

Our Ford Ranger Seeker Raptor Edition has been a huge hit.  This vehicle is an affordable alternative to the Land Rover Defender which has always been a popular choice with our farming customer base and looks simply amazing. 

Do you have a Ford Ranger that you would like us to convert for you?  Simply contact us on 01246 269013, email:  [email protected].

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