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Vehicle Finance

Vehicle finance with SEEKER UK

At Seeker UK, we understand the importance of finding the perfect financing package to suit your specific needs. As experts in vehicle finance, we work hard to offer a competitive monthly payment solution on all our vehicles.


Why take out our dealer finance package?

Our dealer finance package has many advantages over more traditional forms of financing, such as a bank loan or a secured loan. Typically offering a decision within minutes (in certain cases company applications can take longer), you keep your credit line with your bank free and, unlike secured loans or remortgage, the finance is secured against the vehicle and not your home. Our dealer arranged plan can be tailored to meet the length of time you plan to keep your new vehicle with the security of a fixed rate of interest and fixed monthly payments for the term. We always take time to understand your business needs and build the package around what works for you.


Tailored, flexible packages to suit your specific needs

All financing needs are different and that’s why we offer a range of finance packages, including:


Hire purchase (HP)

Hire purchase is a fantastic way to purchase vehicles without using up cash reserves. You will own the asset at the end of the term. HP agreements are straightforward and the most common way of funding vehicles for business.

Low deposit, fixed monthly payments, terms 12-60 months with no final payment.  Good for funding some passenger vehicles.


  • no mileage restrictions.
  • you own the car at the end of the agreement (normally a small fee required.)
  • spread the cost of the vehicle over the term and preserve cash flow paying monthly or quarterly.
  • Can pay VAT up front or spread the VAT over the term of the agreement (subject to credit approval.)


  • higher monthly payments.
  • you pay more interest on the agreement as you are paying back the full capital cost including interest.


Hire purchase (HP) with a balloon

This agreement has the same key features as above, however it incorporates a balloon or lump sum payment at the end of the term. This in turn lowers your monthly payment. At the end of the term you can either settle the balloon and keep the vehicle, pay the balloon and sell the vehicle or refinance the balloon onto a traditional HP agreement.


  • lower monthly payments as you pay only capital cost less balloon payment.
  • you own the car at end of term (usually a small fee to pay.)
  • reclaimable VAT is good for a deposit.
  • offset full purchase price against your corporation tax.
  • can sell your vehicle at the end of the term to whom you want.
  • flexible terms which may in certain circumstances offer VAT deferral for three months.


Finance lease

Within a finance lease contract, the finance provider purchases an asset on your behalf before leasing the asset back to you. After the finance period, you can enter a second rental period or assign a third party to purchase the asset. Simple, uncomplicated and potentially game-changing.

Finance leasing is a tax-efficient, cost-effective way to add extra assets to your fleet, all with a low initial capital outlay. This option is perfect for both consumer and companies looking to manage their cash flow more productively by spreading the cost of VAT across the lease period. Companies that are not VAT registered or have no desire for ownership will also find this option very beneficial.

There’s no need to worry about finding a large sum of cash to fund your asset. Finance lease contracts typically have a low initial cash outlay, with the repayments spread monthly over a fixed term.

By spreading the cost of VAT, finance lease allows for accurate budgeting and lessens the impact of VAT costs. If you are VAT registered and the leased asset is used for business purposes, some or all of the VAT applied to the lease rental may be recovered.


  • lower monthly payments as you are only paying for the capital cost less the balloon payment.


  • spreads the VAT over the course of the agreement.
  • cash flow efficient as requires less initial input.
  • if you are VAT registered and the leased asset is used for business purposes, some or all of the VAT applied to the lease rental may be recovered.
  • purchase or extend the contract on the asset when finished.

Each customer should seek their own professional advice. 


Peace of mind

Be secure in the knowledge that with our dealer finance package you could benefit from:

  • competitive rates and deals.
  • a fixed rate of interest and fixed monthly re-payments.
  • an efficient and secure application process.
  • speedy decision making.
  • finance that is secured against the vehicle and not your home.
  • the added security of the Credit Consumer Act.

For a personalised quotation, please contact us either online, or by telephone. Or, browse our stocklist by clicking here and once you have found your perfect vehicle, select the ‘apply for finance’ button to enquire further.


Benefit from flexible plans, adjusting the quote to suit your finances

Adjust the quote to suit your finances, from the amount of deposit you wish to put down (cash savings, or from a part exchange), term of the loan and importantly, the amount you wish to borrow. For illustration purposes, use our online calculator to find the ideal monthly repayment amount.


In safe hands, our team is here to help find the best deal to meet your personal needs

Financing your vehicle at our dealership is a simple and cost effective way to secure your vehicle. Our expert team operates seven days a week, so we are always here to help you find competitive quotes when it suits you most.


Quick decisions

The application process is handled by us, at the dealership and therefore, if approved, your deal could be agreed in minutes. Don’t miss out on your perfect vehicle whilst securing funds from elsewhere.

Finance is subject to status and availability. If you have taken advantage of our car finance plan, the payment is made on your behalf direct from the lender on a monthly basis by direct debit. Please note that an administration fee applies on all credit agreements. Terms and conditions are available upon request. If you are taking advantage of a funding scheme for your new vehicle, Motorseeker (UK) Limited may benefit from a commission payment received from the Finance Company.

Please click here for details of our Financial Status Disclosure and Frequently Asked Questions.


Not looking to finance your new vehicle?  No problem, we offer outright purchase

Outright purchase is the simplest way to purchase your vehicle. The cash price of the vehicle is paid upfront, which saves you paying any interest on monthly payments as there are none.

From a taxation point of view, you will only be able to claim back the write down allowances.

The advantages are: 

  • Ideal for those who want total ownership of their vehicles.
  • No Contracts or agreements.
  • The vehicle is yours to do with as you please from day 0.