Piston Heads | Ford Ranger 'Seeker Raptor GT' | Spotted

Seeker Raptor GT Edition is spotted by Piston Heads

"...Built by Seeker, which claims to be the UK's largest pick-up truck styling company, with over 45 projects in build at any one time, there's much to like about the GT Retro Edition. For starters, it's based on a standard Ranger double cab, for many years now the go-to option for UK pick-up buyers. It'll push, pull and carry pretty much anything a civilian user can throw at it, all whilst offering seating for four and a half and familiar Ford cabin architecture and build quality.

Then there are the aftermarket additions. Modifications including - but by no means limited to - a lift kit, widebody arch kit, black out pack, side steps, roll bar, bed liner, Shelby-style racing stripes and chunky off-road tyres, which combine to deliver precisely the same ultra-aggressive look you get with Ford's OEM equivalent. What more do you need? They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but that doesn't stop people from doing so. And whether or not it has the go to match the show, the Seeker Raptor's dust jacket tells exactly the story its designers intended..."

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